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AGA Class Level Structure

Tumbling Two’s – 30 minute Class

Discover the excitement of gymnastics in this parent /child class which is geared to develop large and small motor skills. Age appropriate activities introduce the basics of gymnastics and creative movement to prepare children for Little Dippers.

Little Dippers (Age 3 & 4) – 50 minute Class

Beginning Gymnastics with progressive concepts designed to improve their strength and encourage the development of motor skills. Children will be introduced to all events with age appropriate equipment.

Beginning Gymnastics (Age 5 to 7) (8 +) – 50 minute class

Gymnasts will perform beginners’ work on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Basic body positions, terms, gym etiquette and more! Improvement of basic skills, attention span and ability to follow directions must be accomplished to move to the next level.

Beginning/ Intermediate Gymnastics (Age 5 to 7) & (8 +) – 50 minute class

Gymnasts will increase their confidence and knowledge with their work on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline. Beginning level skill progression is stressed to move the child to the next level. Various skills must be accomplished prior to moving to the Intermediate level.

Intermediate Gymnastics – 90 minute class

Class is designed to build your child’s ability to perform skills on all Olympic Events. While improving the performance of current skills, new skills are added and self confidence continues to grow. Strength and conditioning will be part of the lesson plans. Various skills must be accomplished prior to moving to the next level.

Advanced Gymnastics – 2 hours

Class offers more complex skills for your child to master. Skills begin to be practiced in combinations, and refinement of each skill is stressed. Strength and conditioning are incorporated as part of the lesson plan. Degree of refinement is the primary consideration for advancement to the next rec. level, prep –opt or team.

Supremes- 2 hours

An advanced recreational gymnastics class designed for the student who does not want to be part of an AGA competitive team, but skills, focus and love for gymnastics keeps pushing the athlete to the next level. Coached by a team coach, focusing on competitive gymnastic skills with strength and conditioning incorporated into each class. Student must be evaluated prior to placement in this class.

Level 3 – 10 Team/ Prep- Opt – Hours Vary

Classes are structured for children who have a desire to advance in the competitive format. Gymnasts have mastered skills appropriate for the specific team level. Gymnasts have demonstrated ability, proficiency and proper attitude to continue at a higher level. Training is based on nationally recognized skill guidelines. Booster Club Membership is part of the team program. AGA Teams train year around and is by invitation only.


Safety is stressed in all of phases of your child’s development. Your child is taught how and why. Students are taught to think about what they are doing and the resulting effects at each step of development. This type of training, in addition to repetitions, lead to more rapid skill acquisition and a better understanding of the sport and it’s demands.


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